This is an excellent landscape product for high shade areas that offers thatch, which provides added body, reducing he amount of infill needed. The four color blend of this surface provides a truly authentic look and feel that resembles a  atural lawn. All Pro Turf can be used for landscapes, shade areas and much more. Turf Team USA can install All Pro Turf indoors or outdoors.

Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer Polyethylene
Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer Polyethylene
Yarn Cross Section Polyethylene Monofilament Classic Spine/ Texturized Polyethylene
Standard Colors Field/Lime
Coating Type(s) SilverBack™ Polyurethane
Perforations Yes
Pile Height 1 3/4”
Total Fabric Weight 100 oz/Sq.Yd.
Fabric Width 15 ft.